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  • Filipa Ribeiro

You threw it all away

You threw it all away

And you swim in the roughness

Of the sheets you made

The bed you laid on

And so much that you told me!

So much did you judge me

Childish; hysteric;

Dramatic; euphoric

So, I write you today

With no euphoria

With no magic

Without the identity you disregarded

After all, you dried the fountain 

But I overflow from what I have and have lived

On the day you decided

To leave the table with the possibility you brought

Because you had enough

Of yourself

You cop out

You think it's all inappropriate

To you, to move on

You are still latent

And so, as I would say in another poem

While I follow my motto:

“Allow me to be!”

You standstill

Convicted to the shelf

Of oblivion

Translated by Sara Fernandes

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