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Hugs that heal

When I freed myself from my past, I felt lost.

Not in the world, but in myself.

As if my soul didn’t belong to me and it didn’t fit me anymore.

Behind me, a black and white film:

The birds didn’t sing, and the sun didn’t shine.

The clouds wept and the sky fell.

In front of me is a world in rupture.

Pain, hurt and agony.

Deep feelings, the ones that suffocate.

So intense to the point that they wouldn't allow me to move on.

Open scars prevented each step.

I decided to go with the breeze

And the wind took me into your embrace.

And what a beautiful place to be.

I (re)discovered myself by finding you.

It is in you that I feel isafe.

And a squeeze and takes hold my heart each time we let go of each other let each other go.

Because you’re my anchor, my wave of peace.

You overflow with love and bring on your shoulders the gift of turning grey days in to beautiful afternoons of autumn.

And just like that, unintentionally

The soul that in times once belonged to me,

Surrendered itself to you.

To your warmth, to your love.

I’ve never told you this, but your embrace i s my favorite place to be.

It saved me from the abyss, and it healed me of the fear and of the loneliness.

And I feel so happy being inside of your arms.

By Bruna Ribeiro

Translated by Margarida Santos

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